The Day You Became a Hero

Your love in action! Hy and Cuong read a book in the Promise House library. Milk, meat, and vitamins have helped both boys gain weight and strength. Without you, they would be on the streets today.


Two Brothers Suffer Hunger and Abandonment

     The brothers arrived in rags and alarmingly thin. They had too little food at meals and needed more meals. Abandoned by their mother, their father found a room in Danang for the three of them and looked for work.

     Four-year-old Hy was too young for school. Nine-year-old Cuong had been in grade 1 for two years and still didn't know the alphabet. He often skipped class and wandered the streets. Twice wild dogs attacked him; the second attack sent him to a hospital. With no money for medicine, Cuong was taken to their rented room to recover or die.
You Provided Food and Shelter Just in Time

     Then their father also abandoned the boys. When the brothers came to Promise House, they were malnourished and afraid. Hy's teeth were infected, and his jaw was swollen. Cuong couldn't eat – it took him 90 minutes to get down a small bowl of rice.  

     Your love filled the parental void in the brothers' lives. They now have the love of an extended family. New Promise House "brothers and sisters" play games and study with them. Compassionate, believing caregivers nurture them with a tenderness they have not known. There's plenty of food!

     Your gifts saved them. Imagine where they would be without you.


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