The Happiest Boy in Vietnam

Sang always wears a smile!  The smallest benefit or blessing brings a wide, toothy grin to his face.  Not so remarkable, you say.  But it is remarkable when you know that Sang suffers from cerebral palsy–cerebral palsy that was largely unattended to while he grew up.

Sang’s family brought him to Orphan Voice’s Phu Ninh Therapy Center in February 2012.  At that time, he could not walk unassisted.  His life, up to that point, had consisted mostly of him lying in bed all day. His parents had no choice but to leave him there, because they both worked away from home all day.

After coming to the Center, Sang worked hard.  Another boy, who had gained the ability to walk, greatly encouraged Sang and even gave him his walker.  He would shout: “You can do it; you can do it!”  And, with the therapists’ help, he made progress.  It was a day of rejoicing when Sang walked on his own.  His smile lit the room that day!

But just a few months later, in October, Sang contracted dengue fever–common in Vietnam.  As a result, he regressed physically. He lost the ability to walk and for several months was bed-fast again. He eventually regained enough strength to return to the Center.

It was a day of rejoicing when Sang regained the ability to walk!  Please watch this short video clip to see who we think is the happiest boy in Vietnam!

To help other children like Sang, who receive therapy at Orphan Voice’s Therapy Center, click here and choose Special Needs.

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