No More Waiting

Thu (above) can surely be considered as one of “the least of these.”

When I visited Thu’s house on April 18th, when I heard her cry out in pain when moved, when I saw her bony arms and legs, barriers to action (to be explained) in my heart fell away. The thought came: “we can’t wait any longer.”

You see, for the past two years, rural families in six districts with children like Thu have implored us to help. Desperately wanting to do so, we’ve sent funding proposals for the past year to foundations seeking support to open a new therapy center. No foundation could help.

Because no foundation provided support, I allowed that perceived financial barrier to keep us from helping “the least of His.”

Those barriers fell away when I saw Thu. They fell away because His compassion in us finally overcame all reasons not to act. We can and we will!

Will you pray with us for His provision? He has already answered in part. Caroline Mrowiec is a young occupational therapist living in Waco, Texas who has been called to move to Vietnam and help these children. She’s raising funds to come and donate her skills two years.

You, our partners, are faithful and sacrificial givers. Thank you! Please continue your support.

Do you know of others who can help us start a new therapy center? Some can invest $500 without stress; others without stress can invest $10,000; there are some who can fund the therapy center outright. Are you that person? If now, can you pass this need along to another who can?

To minister to Thu and other special needs children, donate HERE to make your donation online or mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591 to give by check.

If you would like more information regarding the therapy center, e.g. therapy equipment needed, the number of children to be served, etc., email

Thank you!