The Least of These

Thanks Orphan Voice supporters. I know that your day is busy and that you have many pressing responsibilities. But take a moment to appreciate how you have blessed, helped, encouraged and loved “the least of these.” These Highland orphanage children are not used to picking out a pair of nice, stylish shoes, nor have they had multiple choices from which to pick. They are used to cheap, uncomfortable hard, plastic sandals–that are just given to them with no prior thought given even to a preference in color.

What is the value of the bright smile of a teenage girl who has just put on the latest fashionable shoe, that fits her, and that she has picked out (has shopped for)? More importantly, what is behind that bright smile. It is an unspoken message that reaches the home of her heart that she is important and that she is loved. You did that! So take a moment in your perhaps difficult day to appreciate that you have changed the world in one’s child’s life.  Thank you.

To bless other children:

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