Darol, Cheryl, Mike and Jessica wanted to encourage 35 Vietnamese special needs children and their families. Wow, did they ever do that!

Darol and Mike are world-class athletes, and both are paraplegics. Their disabilities haven’t kept them from climbing mountains, paragliding, and accepting most any challenge that comes their way though.

It was the hope and an “I cando it” attitude that Darol and his team wanted to communicate to the children of Orphan Voice’s Phu Ninh Therapy Center during Special Olympics. They couldn’t tell them in Vietnamese; instead, they spent two days demonstrating those attitudes tangibly. The childrenunderstood!

Hear the testimony of Moms and Dads:

“My daughter is playing so hard. She’s so happy.” “When my son saw the man in his wheelchair, he wanted one too!” “I’ve never seen my daughter so excited!”

Many of the Phu Ninh children cannot express themselves. They can’t articulate with words what they feel. On this day spent with the Special Olympics team, they didn’t need to speak anything. They “got it.” They now know that they can do things too!

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Stopping Evil

Trafficking and sexual abuse are rampant evils that destroy the young and innocent.  In Orphan Voice’s efforts to protect the least of these from abuse, we present More Precious Than Gold and Good Touch, Bad Touch seminars, normally in public schools.