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United States Sailors Bless Children

Sailors from the Destroyer USS Chung-Hoon and Navy Rescue Vessel, Salvor, recently completed a five day visit to Danang.  When not involved in maneuvers and training, the sailors took time to host 108 Danang orphans on a tour of their ships.  It was an awesome experience for the kids.  On the Chung-Hoon, they examined two on-board helicopters; sat in the commander’s chair on the bridge; peered through the ship’s telescopes (in their words: “big eyes”); and enjoyed home-baked chocolate chip cookies in the ship’s cafeteria! They loved the Salvor’s deep sea diving unit. They loved listening to the master diver (one of only 90 in the entire Navy) who was so proud of his work. They loved feeling the heavy chains and ropes used to rescue beached ships–and the machine shops with their lathes and welders. They loved the navigation room, filled with its gauges and maps.  All the while, they learned the importance of math and science.


Later in the week, the sailors hosted a birthday party for 50 children at Promise House.  Men and women representing American’s finest brought a large cake (baked on the ship), set up basketball and soccer goals and played games with the kids. The girls soon were braiding the female sailors’ hair and visa versa. They danced to One Direction’s song: That’s What Makes You Beautiful.

On the last day of their visit, the sailors delivered several soccer balls, basketballs, badminton sets, soccer goals, and corn hole sets–enough to bless children from several orphanages.   They left a “swell” (pun intended) of smiles behind them!   We met sailors from Illinois, California, New York, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia and Iowa.  If you are an American, you were well represented by these young men and women of the United States Navy. If you live in one of the states mentioned above, you can be doubly proud.

Here is some feedback from the children about their ship tour:

“The uniforms are so beautiful!”

“Can I have another cookie?”  (The sailors ended the tour by funneling the kids through the ship’s dining area, where hot and tasty chocolate chip cookies, along with orange juice, awaited them!).

“Let me sit in the Captain’s chair!”

“I need to go to the bathroom!”

Sailors Inspired the Kids:
Study, Work Hard and Do Your Best…You’re On Your Way UP!

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