Christ’s Love to the Hurting

Hope For The Hurting

Central Vietnam was recently inundated with rain and flooding. Minority people in the Highlands experienced the greatest loss and suffering. The death toll ran to hundreds.

An elderly man walked in the pouring rain looking for shelter. Coming upon a home, he asked to come in. The young husband, his pregnant wife and their young daughter welcomed him. After a meal, they all took their normal afternoon nap. It was a nap from which the elderly man and pregnant mother did not awake.

While they slept, the mountainside gave way and tons of mud covered the house.

A couple of hours later, a neighbor saw smoke rising from the site where the couple’s home had been. He yelled an alarm and neighbors gathered to frantically dig. They rescued the badly hurt husband and his daughter, but the elderly man and the pregnant mom had been crushed.

Jesus comes to the suffering when tragedy strikes and pain is great. A loving hand and a loving touch mean a lot.  Orphan Voice staff, in your stead, went to this devastated family and others like them with hope, love, rice, noodles, blankets and other supplies only hours after their loss. Those items seem so paltry in the face of tragedy, but when delivered in the Love of Christ, they make a huge impact.

While we don’t respond to natural disasters like Typhoon Damrey each day, Orphan Voice staff do reach others each day.  Can you help us continue?  To join us and provide for the hurting, sow your support HERE.

Covenant Life Ministries

They Came, They Saw, They Loved

It was a long trip. Pastors Dennis and Deb Smith and the Covenant Life Ministries team flew 18,000 miles to bless the “least of these.”  

It was a quick trip. They did it all, including flying time, in nine days.

It was a blessed trip. Can you imagine how a 4 X 8 foot, beautifully painted, multi-colored mural will brighten the lives of children?  If so, multiply that by six because the CLM team painted six murals. They will hang at Hope Therapy Center and New Beginnings School for the Deaf. Smilies will come!

Before Dennis, Deb, Blake, Josh, Katherine, Joy, Phillip, Cody, Katie, Lauren, Debra, Gary and Sharon came to Vietnam, 308 junior-high students at the Tay Giang Boarding School were cold. With the temperature dropping to freezing, that matters!  To meet their need, the CLM team helped purchase, package and deliver 308 coats. By the time the team left, 308 formerly cold young people were warm. 

Other team members ran electric wires, hung lights and built a massive 9-foot-high climbing wall. Seth’s Wall is the dominant feature upon entering Hope Therapy Center. Hundreds will be blessed.

You can come to Vietnam and bless “the least of these” as the CLM team did! Or you can support such teams and our staff as Orphan Voice continues to reach out to “the least of these” in the Love of Christ.  Either way, let us hear from you. To sow your donation, give HERE. To inquire about a Friendship Team, email

Everyone Needs A Friend

Australians Bill and Ann Maree Chapman and Jane Shamrock were great friends to Phu Ninh special needs children and their families in January!

Ann Maree and Jane are therapists. Bill is a “can-do” engineer who builds what Jane and Ann Maree need to make children’s lives better. Together, they are a life-changing team.

To appreciate how the team became Christ to these children and families, one must know the families better.

What if you were the parent of a cerebral palsy child who had no wheelchair? If you were that parent, you would carry your child everywhere or tie him into a flimsy, plastic chair and secure the chair to your motorbike with rubber strips, to get him from one place to another.

Or what if you didn’t know what a “bath chair” is.  You may currently sit your child on the concrete floor and pour unheated water over his head as a means – your only means – to bathe him.

Bill, Jane and Ann Maree changed all that!

While Bill and Jane were making bath chairs, Ann Maree painstakingly fitted other children to high quality wheelchairs. Now, they have good wheelchairs that won’t cause sores.

Hear this team exit report: “Parent interviews reveal that the bath chairs were the most popular equipment. The bath chairs made a huge difference to the children and in the lives of the families. Many moms are using them for purposes other than bathing.”

That’s good news!

Orphan Voice staff minister to the deaf, those with physical disabilities, cleft palette children and others each month. We need your prayer and financial support to enable us to continue.

To bless special needs children, invest your gift by HERE. Thank you!

A Doctor Slept Here

Mai, a smart 11th grader, dreams of one day becoming a doctor.  She’s an exceptional student, but it’s hard to study on an empty stomach. On top of that, there’s no dad around – so it falls to Mai to care for her mom, who has special needs.

Victory House has come alongside Mai to cover the cost of school supplies, food and other necessities.  Praise God! Things have turned around!  She enjoys regular meals now. Before, it was not unusual for her to eat only once, or maybe twice, a day.

Mai and her mom are pictured above with the bed purchased by Victory House for their small apartment. Since receiving the help Mai tells us, “I’m happy because I’m not hungry anymore and I can focus on studying.”

“A million thanks,” her mom says, “does not tell how grateful I am.”

It’s easy to take everyday things for granted. Imagine what life would be like without a bed to sleep on, food to eat or paper to write on. But things are different for Mai because of you. To share in caring for others like Mai, donate HERE.

Seth’s Wall

Seth is Josh and Brandi Reyes six year old son. He’s an avid “wall climber,” which isn’t unique among young boys except that Seth is also a Down Syndromes child.

In honor of Seth’s determination, skill and the blessing that he is to others, Josh (Seth’s dad) and Blake of the Covenant Life Ministries Friendship Team, constructed a climbing wall for Hope Therapy Center. They knew from Seth’s example of overcoming hurdles that Vietnamese children could overcome too!

Seth’s picture will hang at Hope Therapy Center. There, he will encourage Vietnamese special needs children to press on to the good things that God has for them.