They Want To Work

Deaf students show their first pop-up cards.


Imagine If You Were Deaf

     Phu Ninh City, 2017. You're a deaf child living where no one knows sign language. Even with those who love you, there is sparse communication--grunting, pointing, smiling, frowning, crying out. You have no name. You can't share your dreams, needs, or fears. You can't go to the village school. No teacher there signs. Your world is small. You're on the outside looking in--every relationship, every experience, every activity, every day.
Love Teaches You to Live in a Hearing World

     Phu Ninh City, 2022. You're a student at New Beginnings School for the Deaf. You can read, write, sign, add, and subtract. Your family and deaf friends sign also. You "talk" with them every day. Your world is bigger. You can speak to your family. You have friends--and hope.


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