Seth’s Wall: Transforming Children’s Lives

As Josh and Brandi Reyes planned their family, having a special needs child wasn’t “on their radar.”  Yet, God in His wisdom knew the blessing that Seth, their Down’s Syndrome son, would be.

Through Seth, Josh and Brandi learned the ways to minister to their son and, then, other special needs children too.

That revelation led Josh to Vietnam to build a climbing wall (Seth’s Wall) at Orphan Voice’s Hope Therapy Center. He wanted others to gain the “climbing wall benefits” that Seth had gained. Through climbing, Seth’s muscles, character, perseverance and passion had all grown!

Today, Caroline Mrowiec, MOT, and her two staff and three helpers, assist 66 children who regularly attend Orphan Voice’s therapy centers. In some cases, grandmoms bring their loved ones on old motorbikes. In other cases, Orphan Voice’s van transports both.

There are over 600 special needs children who haven’t yet had a chance for therapy or to experience that love. They are unreached!

Will you invest $50, $25, $10 or another amount of your choosing to ensure that the Love of Christ reaches them in practical, therapeutic ways? To do so, donate online HERE to invest today. Thank you!