“We Are More Precious Than Gold”






Orphan Voice staff recently spoke to 600 students and 25 adults at Tran Phu Junior High School. With creative techniques and student-interaction, the anti-trafficking seminar, titled “More Precious Than Gold,” was a big hit!

One skit is about a girl who spends all of her time talking with friends online and playing internet games. After skipping school for three days, eating in her room and playing constantly, she owes the internet game shop 500.000 Vietnamese dollars. With no money to pay, she calls a loan shark (very common in Vietnam) and he comes to collect. Normally the girl would get money from her family to repay the loan, but when he arrives, he takes the girl to a Karoke Shop (sex trade) and sells her.

At various times during the seminar, we have the kids shout: “We are more precious than gold!”  The kids are excited–very excited. They don’t usually see an American, and that is some of the novelty, but Orphan Voice Vietnamese staffers really share in an interesting, informative way. We also review the information and give a prize to students who can remember.

“This is new. It is good for the students because they can protect themselves,” one teacher remarked. Another teacher asked for a copy of the material to go over with her class later.

Each student gets a pen with “More Precious Than Gold” written on it. They love it.


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