Enduring Voices 100-Mile Run Across Vietnam

Why do we run?

9-year-old “Diep” is raped in the early morning hours.  Her mom can’t protect her because she isn’t home.  You see, Diep’s mom leaves home at 1:00 a.m. each day to meet the fishing boats as they return from night fishing in the East Sea.  She has to get to the pier early in order to select, buy, and prepare her purchased fish for resale, and be in the market by 5:00 a.m.  It is a hard life—but it allows her and her daughter to eat.

The Orphan Voice event, Enduring Voices, is for Diep.  She is why we run.  We sacrifice for her.

If you’re a runner, will you join us and run in the U.S. while we run in Vietnam?  Your friends can sponsor you just like our partners do us.  In that way, you can raise support for Diep and others like her.  If you’re not a runner, will you spread the word about Enduring Voices through your social media channels and to friends?  Will you personally give?  We need you to help Craig Reed, Tony Brewer and others reach their goal of raising $50,000.

Watch this video–it will motivate you!

Here’s how Enduring Voices works: Runners with a passion for “the least of these” will be SIMUL-RUNNERS for the 100-mile run.  If you can’t come to Vietnam, you can still register FREE to run in your home state at https://www.runreg.com/enduring-voices-2016.  Run as far as you can, or want, during the week of October 1-6, and ask your friends and family to support you!   Your friends can pledge their tax-deductible support for your run (after you register) at https://www.pledgereg.com/enduring-voices-2016.

If you need help to register or to support a specific runner, Jeff Tkach or Maria Lester will help you.  Email Jeff at jtkach@woh.rr.com or call him at 937.231.1666.  Reach Maria at maria.lester@orphanvoice.org or 859.317.2477.  If you and your friends want to run as a team, you can do that too! (Example: 10 of you run 10 miles each.)  ANY number of miles you run means that you are “with us” and that you are blessing “the least of these.”

We also need the sponsorship of non-runners who still yearn for girls like Diep.  To support Craig, Tony or other runners, visit https://www.pledgereg.com/enduring-voices-2016.  Type in the name of a specific runner (Ex. Tony), or donate directly to the event.

A final word to those of you over 50.  I, Tony, am running the 100 miles as part of a 7-man relay team.  That is, 7 of us will take turns running consecutive segments of the 100-mile run.  Thus, we will cover the 100 miles as a team.  Some of the younger ones will run more than me, but I will take my regular turn.  I’ve been preparing for over a year to be able to do it.  I need your encouragement!  It won’t be a picnic, but the cause is worthy.  If you are a fellow “gray-hair” like me, will you support me?  Please do so at https://www.pledgereg.com/enduring-voices-2016.  Help me raise my personal goal of $25,000 for Orphan Voice anti-trafficking efforts.

The Enduring Voices race is October 4-6.  Get involved today!  And remember to FORWARD THIS EMAIL to your running friends and to your friends with a heart for “the least of these”!

This event, and EVERY step you make to support Orphan Voice, truly changes lives!

To give your monthly and normal support to Orphan Voice, donate HERE.  Or mail to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591.

To give specifically to the Enduring Voices run, donate HERE.

Thank you!.


P.S. Don’t forget to PRAY for those of us running in Vietnam!  We need it!