Where Do I Belong?

Phuong and Hung


The Cry of the Abandoned…

Six-year-old Hung has some deep wounds. Her divorced mother remarried when Hung was just an infant. Two more children were born later. Hung still thinks that she and her two younger siblings have the same father. So it is puzzling to her that her “father” and grandmother beat her, but not the younger children. And even more, that her mother abandoned her at a government agency while the other children remain at home. You can imagine the thoughts swirling in Hung’s mind:

Am I bad?
Am I unlovable?

Thanks be to God, local authorities called Orphan Voice, and because of you, we were there to welcome Hung to Promise House where she is surrounded by new playful and protective “brothers and sisters.” Loving caregivers demonstrate patience, gentleness, and kindness to this little one who has scant experience with these qualities.

At the recent Lunar New Year holiday, many Promise House children visited family members. During their excited preparations, Hung’s face fell,

Where will I go?

Phuong, one of our staff, quickly answered, “You will come celebrate the holiday with me and my grandchildren!” And she did!

Hung is finding love that will lead her to the tender heart of her Heavenly Father.

Hung in her new holiday clothes!

Orphan Voice staff An Pham shares Jesus’ love with Hung.

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