Truyen at the Hospital Again

Truyen is now a regular at Orphan Voice’s Phu Ninh Therapy Center.  We introduced him to you earlier, but he continues to struggle with his health.  Please pray for him.

When Truyen was several months old, his farmer parents noticed that his head seemed abnormally big.  It was then that they learned the Vietnamese word for “hydrocephaly.” (fluid on the brain)

Two surgeries over the years relieved the pressure from his brain, but not before damage was done. Regrettably, the surgeries were not always timely because his parents needed to wait for free operations performed by foreign doctors.  And even with the surgeries, Truyen lagged behind developmentally.  There was damage. The diagnosis of “partial paralysis” came from rural doctors.

To address his lack of development, Truyen’s parents took him to the Danang Therapy Center, and it helped.  But the family’s resources were soon exhausted and Truyen returned home.

In the course of time, the family learned of Orphan Voice’s Phu Ninh Therapy Center and they came. When he arrived, he had regressed to the point where he could not hold his head up.  But after a year of steady work, Truyen was able to sit up unaided. After two years of hard work, he learned to haltingly walk with support.

Late last year, Truyen was declining again, and doctors told his parents that he needed another surgery.  By this time, the family was reduced to moving back and forth between the homes of Truyen’s grandparents.  An operation was beyond their means to pay for.  They asked Orphan Voice for help.

Orphan Voice staff went to work.  First, staff worked with extended family to garner as much family support as could be had (not much). Then staff worked with the government insurance agency (something the parents did not know how to do) and obtained additional help.  Finally, the generosity and love of Orphan Voice partners kicked in.  They supplied the rest, and Truyen had his operation!  He is once again out of the woods and doing better.

Thank you, Orphan Voice partners, for that operation.  Without you, it wouldn’t have happened and Truyen may have died.  Can you imagine how those parents feel?  I doubt it.  But if you can comprehend a portion of their gratitude, you can feel good about what you have done.  The angels rejoice when seeing your love.

Orphan Voice receives many requests to help children in need of life-saving surgery.  Sometimes we can help and, at other times, we aren’t able to do so.  Your gift of $100, $500 or even more will enable us to continue to help needy children like Truyen.  To bless a needy one, donate here.


You may be able to count the wrinkles, but can you hear them?  Each one holds a dozen secrets of Chau’s life.  One wrinkle remembers sitting safely in her dad’s lap as a child and feeling, oh, so very secure.  Another can hear her mom sing as she cooks Chau’s favorite dish.  Another remembers how her heart leapt at the sight of her first love in her teen years.  Oh, how handsome he was.  Another wrinkle holds the pain and anguish of losing a child.  It was Chau’s first child and she could not cope.  Still others reflect her love-filled heart as three more children were born and grew up to have families of their own.

Chau’s husband has been gone now for 20 years, but there are several grandchildren, and now, great-grandchildren.

Orphan Voice met Chau during a recent food distribution. A district government identified fifty families as in dire need for food, and Chau was one.

Chau is happy in this picture because she is taking home 22 lbs of rice, 30 meals of noodles, salt, sugar and more. Her arms are full! (Her granddaughter is also helping carry the gift.)  Chau and her family will eat well tonight.

Before we left, Chau thanked us.  We pass along her thanks to you!

Will you join with us to bless “the least of these” at both ends of life’s spectrum?  Your gift changes lives!  Please donate here to make a difference.

Promise House Needs Paint!

Vietnamese buildings, Promise House included, don’t resist water well.  Concrete walls soak up water like sponges during rainy season.  For that reason, it’s difficult to keep the buildings looking fresh and clean.  

Promise House is due fresh paint all over.  Overdue!  We want the kids to know they are important enough for a Grade A facility.  We also need an industrial size clothes dryer, an upgrade to bathrooms/showers, and a thorough kitchen renovation.  Promise House has 6 bathroom stalls and 5 showers.  If you visited the Promise House kitchen with me, you would consider it far from modern.

Australian volunteers will donate labor to paint this summer.  But we need to raise the funds for bathroom, shower and kitchen renovations.  Additionally, we need to purchase the clothes dryer, various lighting fixtures and painting supplies.

Can you help us provide the Promise House children a “Grade A facility?”  We need a substantial renovation and we need your help to do it.   Believe me, they are worth it!  Help us raise the several thousand that we need for this project and, donate here.

First Things First

Meet Quyen.  Her family lives in the 2nd poorest province in the Central coastal region.  Her dad is a fisherman.  When Quyen’s parents saw her at birth, they were scared, confused and didn’t know what to do. After seeking counsel from local church leaders, they called Orphan Voice for help.

Quyen was six days old when her dad called—much too small for corrective surgery and already struggling from six days of inadequate nutrition.  Her cleft lip and palate would not allow her to ingest most of her mom’s milk.  She was only getting a little.  So the first order of business was to keep her alive.

A specially-designed, cleft lip milk bottle did the trick by making it easier for her to suck.  What a difference!  She gained weight!  Today, she weighs 4 kg.  She needs to weight 6 kg in order to have surgery.  Please pray for little Quyen.  We believe that she will make it!

By the time we do the “extra things” for children like Quyen—help with transportation, food and hotel costs, staff time, and the cost of the operation—we will expend, on average, $800 per child per operation.  But look at the difference the corrective surgery will make in Quyen’s life for the next seventy years.  That small investment will pay huge dividends!

Would you like to provide for one child’s life-changing operation?  To help, please donate here.

Compel Them To Come In: Orphan Voice’s Cleft Lip Program

There are Vietnamese children like Quyen (above) who, for various reasons, don’t obtain needed cleft surgery.  Perhaps the family lives in the countryside or mountains and doesn’t know where to take their child for help.  In some remote villages, leaders believe that a child born with a cleft lip or palate is “destined” that way and they encourage families to leave the malady alone.  In other cases, the family may be too poor to travel to a faraway city (bus fare, food, hotel costs) to obtain even free surgical repair.  In still other cases, the family may be so overwhelmed by hopelessness, caused by poverty, life’s problems, and their worldview, that they don’t have the “strength of heart” to make the effort.  For all of these reasons, children suffer…and sometimes die.

Orphan Voice partners remove these “hindering factors” so that children receive the surgery they so desperately need.  In removing the “hindering factors,” and even sending our van to transport the family and take them to the hospital if needed, we “compel them to come in.”

We need your help in the compelling.  To partner with us in fulfilling this call, please donate here.