You Changed My Life!

Orphan Voice is given the holy privilege of helping orphans, special needs children and children-at-risk in Southeast Asia. We are sent to the poor, to the oppressed, to the least of these.  We’d rather be here than in a King’s court.

In our American experience, if one of our children is born with a cleft lip, “getting it fixed” happens almost automatically–even for the poor.  For the precious ones that we meet here, that surgery may not happen.  Due mainly to “outlook oppression,” caused by extreme poverty, superstitious beliefs,  no belief in a loving Father, and lack of hope, a child may not get to the hospital.  That increases the chances that the child will not live, but most live and adapt-and learn to live, to speak after a fashion and to eat.

Orphan Voice and its partners simultaneously attack the causes of “outlook oppression” AND help the family get to the hospital and have food while there, and pay the hospital and doctor-none of which the family can do without help.  All this lifts, encourages, elevates, and en-nobles children and their families.

This is what Orphan Voice partners are doing.  You are not only paying for “things.”  You are lifting people up on the inside to a happier, more joyful and better life.   Thank you on their behalf-until they can thank you personally.

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