Vi and Grandmother Huong

Vi’s Certificate For Excellence At New Beginnings Awards Ceremony

“Grandma–I Won’t Stay With You Tonight”

Vi often spends the night with her Grandmother Huong, and like most grandmas, Huong loves that and always cooks Vi’s favorite foods.

Last month, Vi brought Huong tears of joy. How? She texted her grandmother in Vietnamese: “Grandma–I won’t stay with you tonight. I’ll go home with Mom.”

Why was that text so moving? Huong cried because since Vi’s early years, she thought that Vi wouldn’t be able to live normally. You see, Vi is deaf. And in the countryside, deaf children don’t attend school, don’t learn to sign, don’t learn to read or write or learn math. They don’t get good jobs later either.

Huong knew that Vi attended Orphan Voice’s New Beginnings School for the Deaf, but she didn’t know about the quality of her classes. When Vi texted her in perfect Vietnamese, though, she realized that New Beginnings is very much a school and that Vi is very much a student!

Because of you, Vi and her classmates are learning signing, math, writing, reading and character. She’s gaining skills that will make her an overcomer!

In its special needs outreaches, Orphan Voice provides deaf education, physical therapy, wheelchairs, and cleft lip/palate operations. But you make it happen.

To “keep it happening” for our special needs community, donate HERE or mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591. Thank you!

Tho Earns A Certificate Of Excellence

Hien Earns A Certificate Of Excellence

New Beginnings Award Ceremony

School’s out!

Students celebrate a successful school year! Enjoy the smiling faces of students, parents, grandparents and teachers!

New Beginning’s Parents, Grandparents And Students Celebrate A Great Year!

Han: New Beginning’s Best Student!

Tai Earns A Certificate Of Excellence

Cooking Oil In The Basket.  Rice And Noodles Behind.  Notice His Shoes!