Young Adults Learn To Be Safe@Work…

High school graduation is a milestone for young people in our programs. The “Safe@Work” seminar helps with that transition!

We work hard to teach children how to protect themselves from abuse like exploitation and trafficking. But often the greatest risk to their future is during the critical first years after graduation. New freedoms, opportunities, jobs, money, a wider circle of influence — all of these factors can lead to a new life - or a new snare.

Orphans and other students from difficult circumstances are vulnerable to false promises and unethical treatment in the workplace. Recognizing warning signs can save financial loss, abusive behavior, and worse. Most Victory House students have transitioned from other Orphan Voice programs.

“I just started working part-time about two months ago. I realize that I do not know a lot of things. Thank you for organizing this workshop to protect us better.”
-My-An, Victory House

They are making their first steps into the university classroom, or vocational training. All are working full or part-time, starting to learn life lessons about housekeeping, budgeting, and time management. Through your support, “Safe@Work” is just another way that you have helped them to grow in this new season!


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