New Beginnings School For The Deaf: A Family’s Prayer Answered

Like all parents, Huy’s mom and dad were overjoyed at his birth. They were proud! They beamed! Truly, Huy was the “star of the show” so far as his parents, grandparents and village neighbors were concerned.

However, after 7 months, Huy’s parents began to suspect that something was wrong. And even though Danang was a two hour plus bus ride from their village home, they took Huy to a Danang Hospital for examination. There, to their surprise and dismay, doctors reported that Huy was deaf.

The life of rural Vietnam’s, special needs children can be hard. Nowhere is this better seen than in the lives of rural-born deaf children. In Huy’s village, there resided no one who could teach him or his parents to sign. Huy’s mom and dad couldn’t send him to “the big city” where deaf services were available. As a result, from age one, when Huy’s diagnosis was confirmed by a second doctor, until he was 11 years old, Huy never attended school, didn’t learn to read, and never learned even basic math. He didn’t communicate with anyone outside his immediate family – and even with his mom and dad, he didn’t communicate well.

When Huy’s dad learned of New Beginnings School for the Deaf recently, he immediately came to the school and asked Teacher Mai if Huy could attend. In fact, he pleaded with her. So even though New Beginnings’s school year has already begun, Huy was admitted.

Huy’s just getting started and must catch up. Please pray for him (and a second new child) as they begin to learn Vietnamese sign language, reading, math and character development. Thank you!

New Beginnings now teaches 12 children each day.  The school depends on your prayers and your investment, to pay the bills.  Can you invest $50, $100 or $250 in one of these 12 deaf children today? Please do so and Donate Here.

Or mail your support to Orphan Voice, P.O. Box 910410, Lexington, Kentucky 40591. Thank you!