3 Ways You Can Impact the Life of a Child...
  • Give day-camp to a special needs child!

  • Send an evangelist to a remote area!

  • Provide a mentoring tutor to a struggling child!

1. Provide an Anti-Trafficking Seminar for School Kids
Without the knowledge of her worth, she is vulnerable to traffickers and other predators. Your gift of this engaging and interactive seminar will teach her to protect herself!
Protect 50 kids $25
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Protect an entire school $375
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2. Send a deaf child to school for one month
Without you, her world is isolated and confusing. At school, she will learn to sign, read, write, and do basic math. She will learn about travel safety, healthy habits, and so much more. She will have friends. Expand her world for only $170 per month — let her go to school!
Send a deaf student to school for one month $170
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3. Get kids to therapy
Many special needs children can’t safely travel on the back of a motorbike. If he is going to improve through therapy and special education, he needs your help. Your gift provides fuel, regular van maintenance, insurance, and a skilled driver who loves the children he transports!
Keep kids on the road to health for a week $210
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Keep kids on the road to health for a month $840
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4. Send the Gospel to Remote Minority Tribes
“How will they hear without a preacher?” (Romans 10:14) Ten evangelists travel throughout the highlands of Laos and Cambodia preaching the gospel. Another ministers to Burmese refugees in India. Your gift shares the message of eternal life!
Send one evangelist for one month $70
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Send 10 evangelists for one month $700
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5. Tell a child: “You’re going to camp!”
He knows better than most what it feels like to be left out — excluded because he “doesn’t belong.” So imagine the joy of a day camp that is designed with his special needs in mind— accommodations and planning for games, sports, crafts, skill building, food, and schedule! Your gift provides a Day Camp for 8 children!
Day Camp for 8 special needs kids $215
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6. Change the life of a cleft lip/palate child
Cleft lip/palate children in rural areas
face more than physical struggles: few medical services, shunning by their community, and a high rate of illiteracy that adds fear. Your gift provides life-changing surgery and family support, counsel, transportation to pre-/post appointments, and on-site help at every step!
Cleft Lip/Palate surgery/care for one child $3,200
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7. Weekly Tutoring Sessions
Did you know most orphans have gaps of months or years when they could not attend school? That means he has extra pressure to catch up or be left behind. You can send him a tutor to help bridge that gap. He will know that he is smart and capable! What a gift!
Weekly tutoring for one child for one month $45
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8. Weekly Physical Therapy
Can you imagine this child feeding himself... helping with family chores... walking? Your gift brings those dreams to reality! Weekly intervention is key — will you send him to therapy?
One therapy session for one child $30
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Weekly therapy for a month for one child $120
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Multiply your help to countless children with “One of Each”
God’s own heart beats with extravagant generosity. Your amazing selection of one of every item changes many lives!
One of each gift listed $5,450
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Can’t Choose? Reach a child with the greatest need right now.
Every gift impacts a child’s life!
Where Most Needed
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