A Goal Achieved: There's A New Baker In Town!



     Hong was just a baby when her parents divorced and abandoned her to start other families. Left with her elderly grandparents, there was little money for food and clothing--and even less for school. Hong's grandfather was paralyzed and as she grew she spent more and more time helping her grandmother take care of him.

     At age 15, Hong left the shack she had called home and set out for the city. To survive, she peddled lottery tickets by day and sold bread to men who had also flooded to the city looking for work at an industrial park on the edge of town. Scared and alone, Hong made her way to her tiny sleeping room on dark, deserted streets. A kindly neighbor took notice of Hong and called for help. Because of you, help was there.

     Hong has had your support to pursue her dream of becoming a baker. Just last month, she completed that course and is now employed! She is excited for the future that you made possible!

Pictured: Hong prepares an order of bread for her customer! One day she hopes to open her own bakery! Thank you!


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