A Place to GROW

Hope Therapy Center utilizes games, role-play, and art to unlock potential for special needs students!

“Your son cannot come here. He will distract the other children.” Hot tears ran down the face of Minh’s mother. Her shy and sweet 7-year-old with cerebral palsy was refused by the local school. The life of a special needs child in Vietnam is especially heartbreaking. In a society that largely shuns differences, children with learning or developmental challenges are often pushed away and isolated. Dejected and discouraged, Minh and his mother felt the sting of their rejection.

Thankfully, someone in their community told them about Hope Therapy Center. Because you have made it possible, Minh receives therapy to strengthen his muscles and improve balance. But his growth and improvement go far beyond physical measurements. Through purposeful play, Minh has learned the alphabet and how to count. Excited by his success, he asks the staff to send home practice pages – amazing his mother who has only been told what her son cannot do…what he will never do. Minh is surprising her…and us…daily. He loves learning! Your prayers and gifts keep the welcoming doors of Hope Therapy Center open! Thank you!

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