Tearful Mom Says, “Lan's progress is beyond my expectations"


  "Lan" weighed less than 5 pounds at birth. One bad diagnosis after another came over the next few months: cerebral palsy; heart defects; kidney problems. Lan's mother was scared...and overwhelmed. When Lan was two years old, a neighbor told them about a free therapy center for children in their rural area. Thinking the center could at least provide a change of view for Lan, her mother had little hope for measurable improvement. Imagine her joyful amazement as Lan passed one milestone after another: turning and lifting her own head, raising and using her arms, and finally--standing and walking by herself! Lan also blossomed emotionally--from detached and unresponsive to engaged and expressing emotion. YOU did that for Lan and her family when you provided a therapy center for special needs children. For Lan and so many others, we say THANK YOU!

Pictured: Lan and her grandmother share a happy moment. Later that day, Lan expressed her emotion with gentle kisses to her mother's cheek.



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