Overcoming weak muscles and paralyzing fear




You made a path from a bed of isolation to center stage for a child with cerebral palsy 


From a bed to first steps…

     Like most children with cerebral palsy in rural Vietnam, Mai spent most of her time laying on a bed.  She was dependent on her mother for every need.  While her mom worked, she waited—for food, toileting, or a change of position.  Your gifts provided a therapy center with loving staff to stop the downward cycle to total immobility. Mai can now walk, feed herself, participate in family life, and take care of personal needs. 

From first steps to dance steps…

     You didn’t stop there! Even with Mai’s dramatic physical progress, she was paralyzed by fear— she tried to be invisible.  But recently, Mai and her mother danced in a talent showcase to the cheers and applause of her classmates, therapists, and visitors. Your gifts made sure Mai had the physical strength and the emotional courage to take the stage!


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