When Everything Is SHAKEN

Sharing more insights from his study of the Bride of Christ, Tony has an encouraging word amid unpredictable circumstances.


Over the past two years, we’ve experienced a shaking. Covid brought death to some loved ones, fear to many, and life changes to all. We see wars and hear rumors of other wars. Are the Biblical ‘worst of times’ here? I think not, but He is using these events to cause His Bride to become a Pursuing Bride. He’s causing her to pursue Him with passion. Because of that, these may be the best of times. 

It’s the “best of times” for His Pursuing Bride because of the truth of the Easter-inspired hymn - 
Our hope is built on nothing less
than Jesus’ blood and righteousness…
His oath,
His covenant,
His blood
support us in the whelming flood…

The Father has chosen us to be alive here and to be alive now! We’re here to love as He loves. He’ll cause us to do ‘greater works’ so that others can know Him.

May we see heaven come to earth as we co-labor with Christ. Let’s be sensitive to the
Holy Spirit. We may find ourselves praying for a lady at Walmart. Dozens pass us each day who are silently crying out to God. As the Holy Spirit leads you to hurting people, your request to pray for them will astonish them. Your simple act of love will unveil the Father to them. They will realize that He knows, that He hears, and that He cares – for them.

You have been born for such a time as this!

Tony Brewer

Orphan Voice
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