A Decade Of Therapy: You Have Changed Hy's Life



        Hy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after a series of seizures when he was 8 months old. He arrived at the rural therapy center you provide a few months later--weak and listless in the arms of his distraught mother.

     Progress was slow. Hy was 3 when he learned to crawl, stand unassisted, and sit up. Frequently agitated and combative, he would throw anything within reach, hit his head on the floor, and cry out. Because of your generosity, loving therapists saw Hy through that difficult time--and finally, a breakthrough! Today, he is mobile, playful, and friendly. He continues to gain strength, agility, skill, and confidence. Thank you!

Pictured: Hy prepares to throw the therapy ball. Because of you, he runs like the wind--directly toward a better future!


Orphan Voice
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