Reaching New Heights: Top Student Helps Others Climb Too


     When Hien won top awards for Literature and Biology among advanced high school students, she was amazed! You gave her the help she needed at just the right time.

     At 7 years old, Hien became the caregiver of her household when her mother developed a mental illness after the birth of a second child. Gradually, Hien went to school less and less as her father struggled to feed the family. Hien cared for her mother and baby brother for the next 6 years. Wanting an education for his children, Hien's father brought her to Promise House when she was 13.

     Alone and far behind other students, Hien felt guilty for the opportunity to be a kid. She cried with worry for her mother. Loving caregivers took Hien to visit often, and encouraged Hien as she began to thrive in her schoolwork. This superstar student has kept her kind heart for others. She is a gentle tutor for other children. Just look at her with young Tai below! In rescuing Hien, you helped them both!


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