From Petty Thief To Stand-Up Guy You Helped Change Trung's Life


     Not long ago, Trung chased down a thief who was stealing watermelon from an elderly street vendor and made the young man return the fruit. Pretty amazing knowing that a few years ago, Trung himself was stealing fruit. Born deaf in a rural town where no one knew sign language, he was isolated and growing up wild. Your love and generosity opened New Beginnings School for the Deaf. Trung's world exploded with communication and knowledge. Along with reading, math, and signing, Trung learned about honesty, integrity, and community. He is now a gifted artist...and a stand-up guy!

Pictured: Trung holds one of his recent bag paintings.


Orphan Voice
P.O. Box 910410
Lexington, KY 40591
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