Building Strong Countryside Families

Organically grown peanuts. No chemicals!



    Lan knew the gnawing pain of an empty stomach. He wasn’t always hungry as a child, but sometimes each week he went to bed wanting more food. 

     Lan lived with his mom, dad, grandparents, brother, and sister. This countryside family shared a small, dirt floor hut with no inside bathroom. Lan and his siblings fetched water from a well for his mom to cook on an open fire.

     Like Lan’s family, other countryside families understand despair caused by poverty. Average income for such families is $160 per month.

Peanuts grown organically increase farmers’ income

    Today, you are helping to ensure that the children of 43 countryside families never go to bed hungry! How? In a strategic partnership made possible by your gifts, we work with a large food distribution company in Saigon. They train, equip, and assist small farmers grow peanuts organically instead of by traditional farming methods. Simply put, by growing their peanuts organically, the 43 families make more money! Check out the pictures below to see how it works.

     Your gifts train countryside families in organic farming methods. Through their work then - not a handout, they make more money for food and other necessities. Please invest to provide the organic training for another family. As sure as peanuts grow, your gift will be multiplied many times over.


Farmers separate peanuts into large and small sizes

She's happy. Just got paid!

Ready for the Saigon peanut butter factory

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