Four Lives

1. Toan is a 7th grader. School has never been easy for him and he is often ridiculed by his classmates. One day, he spotted our comic book “You are More Precious Than Gold” on his cousin’s bookshelf. He summarized the message that grabbed his heart: “We are all valuable. Each person is more precious than gold. Like Mai [the main character] I can overcome hard times and have a good future.” Believe with us that Toan will come to know the Father’s love!

2. Hang grew up not knowing her parents. Jealous of “happy families” and convinced that she would never fit in or succeed, she withdrew. Her grades declined and she considered quitting high school. Your gifts sent Orphan Voice staff who became her family—celebrating special days with her, encouraging her to reach for her goals. Just a few weeks ago, Hang graduated with honors, accepted into a competitive university computer science program. Thank you!

3. Trang was born as a result of her mentally ill mother’s rape. Trang was sent to a rural orphanage, then left homeless when it closed. Eventually, she came to Promise House, a timid, undernourished girl who was far behind in school. Trang has flourished in the Promise House family environment. She helps the younger children, loves to cook and is becoming an avid gardener. On recent exams, she achieved top scores in every subject. That’s what God’s love can do through you!

4. Hao is the fortunate son of two parents who have taken him to a host of doctors and “medicine men”— desperate for help. Disappointment and worry led to arguments. Hao’s father was angry. His mother cried every day. A friend told them about New Beginnings School for the Deaf. Today, Hao can read, write, and communicate with his parents and friends. They are three more that you have helped release from a “prison of darkness.” Praise God!

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