A Flood of Help


Obeying Jesus invites – and even ushers in - His Presence. And where His Presence resides, there is Joy (Ps. 16:11). Your response in the aftermath of the recent flooding became an avenue for His Presence to enter situations of overwhelming loss.

It’s wonderful to experience Jesus’ Presence and Joy in our lives through obedience, but His presence is LIFE to those who are hurting. I was powerfully reminded of this truth during recent ministry in flood-ravaged Letcher County in Eastern Kentucky.

Our first domestic program, FoodShare, launched just in time to touch hurting people in Letcher County. Responding to requests from the Sheriff's department and disaster relief coordinators, the practical help you provided in food, water, cleaning supplies and more was covered in love and prayers. His indispensable and undefinable presence infused encouragement and hope beyond the tangible supplies.

On your behalf, I prayed with three Relief Coordinators. He strengthened them. Over and over again, I heard testimonies of thankfulness and the difference made by every item to families left in shock and need by the flood. Like Jesus, YOU were touched with the feeling of their sorrow and you took action. Thank you!


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