Joy Enough to Go Around

Special Education teachers and close friends, Brigitte Waldier and Lauren Larsen, wanted to use their God-given talents to bless unserved special needs children in Vietnam. After several months of talking with Orphan Voice, praying, and raising funds, their dream became reality when they volunteered at Hope Therapy Center, New Beginnings school for the Deaf and the Phu Ninh Therapy Center for two weeks in August. Going in, they knew that God would stretch their faith during their mission - and boy, did He ever do that!

Lauren testified, “My time in Vietnam was an incredible, life-changing experience. During the trip, God grew me to a new level of dependence on Him...He drew so near to me in my times of need. I am so grateful.” Brigitte had a similar experience-- “I needed Him emotionally and physically. He was there for me.”

And they "were there" for children who were forever changed as well. Lauren and Brigitte strategized with the therapy center staff to develop on-going plans for each child. New methods, ideas, and equipment will bring immeasurable help and progress.

Already children like little Thao here are experiencing new abilities through an "Augmentative and Alternative Communication" (AAC) device that enables communication for those who experience verbal difficulties. Just imagine her excitement!

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