Safe at Home

Kim-Ly and her sisters.


When we met Kim-Ly last year, she was apprehensive and sickly, weighed down by burdens of worry and hardship. Living in a one-room house with her mother, grandmother, and sisters, she studied on the floor hunched over a tray table. After earning university admission, her enrollment was doubtful because there was no money for tuition or books. School was only one concern. The humble home had no bathroom and the women waited late into the night to shower outside with darkness as their only cover. Your love has broken chains of despair, fear, and anxiety. Help has included weekly mentoring and a well-lit study space in the house that now has an enclosed bathroom/shower. Kim-Ly is blossoming with newfound hope as her chains disappear one by one. She recently wrote to our staff, “Your love has touched my heart!” YOU are doing that day by day. For Kim-Ly and so many others…Thank you!


Orphan Voice
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