From player to purposeful, Tung faces a bright future

Tung studies for exams.


Tung came to Promise House as a hungry 7-year-old. His father’s chronic lung disease prevented him from working and Tung’s mother could not earn enough money to feed Tung and his two siblings. Scared and alone, Tung kept to himself. The neglect and need of his young life had taken a toll. Unable to read or write, he spent two years in the first grade. Tung thought he was “dumb” and that he would never “be smart” or succeed at school like other kids. As he grew he turned more and more to video games on the computer. Many days, he skipped school to go to internet cafes where he could get lost in one game after another.

Your gifts provide loving, tenacious staff who do not give up. They pursued Tung—spending time with him, listening, encouraging, guiding, tutoring. That investment paid off. In high school, Tung received awards recognizing him as a “Student of Excellence.”

Soon, Tung will graduate high school. He is headed to university where he will study computer technology. The younger children at Promise House will miss their “big brother” who loves to cook for them and has tutored many of them in math. Thank you for ensuring that Tung could grow up in a loving home.

Cooking for his friends. 

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