It may take time, but LOVE WINS THE DAY

With persevering determination, Bich is now a thriving preschooler!


Before Bich’s birth, her parents hoped for a boy to add to their family of three daughters. However, it didn’t take long for this tiny one to win their hearts with her shy smiles and sweet temperament. Within months, their joy turned to concern as little Bich did not develop as expected. Eventually, they received a diagnosis: Down’s Syndrome.

When one-year-old Bich came to our Phu Ninh Therapy Center, she could not sit, roll over, or lift her head. She seemed to resist her parents, the therapists—pushing their hands away as they gently tried to encourage any movement. Weeks turned into months, as Orphan Voice therapists lovingly coaxed the little girl to respond. And

then it happened: one day, on her own strength, Bich grabbed a nearby low window ledge and pulled herself up! She stood unassisted to the delighted amazement of the therapists.

That was just the beginning. It seemed like success fueled young Bich and she took off! Before long she was standing, sitting, walking, and playing. Her new favorite activity: Hide and Seek. With on-going therapy, Bich has learned to negotiate stairs, dress herself, and dance!

Now four years old, Bich helps her mother at the family’s roadside business, separating vegetables for sale and placing them in display baskets. She is happy and ready to take on new challenges!


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