Walking with the weary…

Dinh is a nonverbal six-year-old with autism born to deaf parents. Although this young family has faced many challenges, one of the greatest has been Dinh’s biting. Unable to use spoken or signed words, Dinh expressed most every need and emotion through biting objects and people. Worn down by the overwhelming needs of their child, the family was drowning in a sea of distress and discouragement.

Slowly, through prayer, careful observation, and effort, compassionate Orphan Voice therapists unlocked the meaning behind Dinh’s biting and began to teach him hand gestures, picture-pointing, and handholding to communicate specific needs. Expressing Jesus’ love through consistent and affirming therapy, Dinh’s biting is all but gone! His family rejoices to interact with their son in new and positive ways! YOUR GIFTS AND PRAYERS have made it possible!

Orphan Voice
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