Till Restoration Comes

Standing in the Gap for Vulnerable Children


The Father will restore to you the years that the locust … has eaten. You will eat in plenty. You will be satisfied! You will praise the name of the Lord your God who has dealt wondrously with you. You will never be ashamed.

Joel 2:24-26


Born to a single university student, Mai was just two when her mother married in 2017. It looked like precious Mai would now grow up with two loving parents. It seemed like good news.

But it wasn’t good news. During 2021, the stepdad lost his job and became Mai’s caregiver while his wife worked. In a despicable act of wickedness, he raped her.

Overcome by confusion and shock at this horrible breach of trust, Mai struggled to tell her mom. But she finally did so. Her revelation set Orphan Voice, and ultimately the police, into action.

We helped find safe housing for Mai and her mom. Staff counseled her mom about the feelings of shame, self-blame, and depression that she and Mai were experiencing. We urged the mom to report the crime to the police. That’s not always done! Praise God! Police arrested the stepdad.

Unfortunately, local press found out about the abuse and Mai’s story was on the TV news. Gossiping neighbors stared, pointed, and whispered. To protect her daughter, Mai’s mom moved to a small village far from Danang where Mai’s grandparents live. Orphan Voice helped with their relocation expenses.

Orphan Voice responded to the needs of Mai as you would have done had you been present. We did what you sent us to do. Still, the harder part remains.

We’ve faced the harder part before – many times. It’s the exciting part. It’s the miracle part. It’s the Father’s part. Mai needs the miracle of inner healing. God will give it! We pray and prophetically speak the Word of the Lord to Mai:

You are loved with an everlasting LOVE. You will be restored.

Will you join us in two ways? Will you pray this declaration for Mai with us? God will carry out His word. Thank you! Will you also sow your financial gift into the lives of other Vietnamese children so that we are “there” when needed again?


(Note: The top picture is an accurate representation of this story but does not actually show Mai or her family.)

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