“They Thought This Was All He Could Do" Hai Is No Longer the “I Don't Know" Boy


     Hai would not risk making a mistake. So he rarely experienced success. You made a place for Hai at a nurturing therapy center six months ago, but a past of constant corrections, frustration, and even anger from teachers and parents had taught him that it was better to pretend ignorance. His chosen response to any question was a quiet "I don't know." And they believed him. Expectations and hope spiraled downward. Because of you, that's not the end of Hai's story.

     The loving therapists you sent enthusiastically affirmed every effort Hai made to express himself. They helped his parents to do the same. Gradually, Hai is gaining confidence to try, despite his learning disabilities. Success is no longer a stranger to his young life. You gave him that gift!

Pictured: Hai takes on new learning challenges because of you.



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