More Than 6,000 Heard Last Month

Anti-Trafficking Message Protects Kids


     You read it right! You sent teams to more than 6,000 children this past month to warn them about the dangers of trafficking. The kids also heard the message that they are valuable--in fact, "More Precious Than Gold."

     Every child wants to be loved. Every child longs to succeed, to have worth in the eyes of others. Traffickers prey on children and youth with slick, deceitful words of care and empty promises of riches for them and their families. Instead, the child suffers pain, humiliation, abuse, isolation, and often imprisonment. YOU are rescuing children from that fate every day!

     This year, you can help to protect more than 20,000 kids through this interactive, fast-paced, engaging seminar. Schools are calling and begging for teams to come and share this message. THANK YOU for hearing their pleas. THANK YOU for sending these teams!


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