Now She Can Heal!

The Freedom of Food Security


     Xuan (pronounced "Swan") lives in a tiny, concrete house with her aunt. After a neighbor sexually assaulted her when she was 10, Xuan all but dropped out of school--and life. It's been a long road back--made more difficult by extreme poverty. Xuan's aunt is illiterate--earning a meager income from collecting plastic bottles to sell at a recycling center.

     So you can imagine the reaction of Xuan and her aunt when your love delivered bags of rice, fresh produce, and meat. Because of you, "the next meal" is one less thing these two victims have to worry about.

     Your gifts are feeding the bodies and souls of two wounded women. Xuan is getting the help she needs; her aunt is released from a great financial burden. This is what freedom tastes like--a nourishing meal served with hope!



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