Your Help Keeps Quan From Predators

Abuse Victim Makes Advances


     This, too, is what the freedom of anti-trafficking work looks like. Quan's mother borrowed every penny she could to pay for his high school education after his father had a debilitating stroke.  Her work as a "rag-picker"--collecting bits of fabric for resale-- just wasn't enough to feed the family and pay for tuition, books, and uniforms. A dedicated student in his rural community, Quan's diligent work earned him admission to a university in Danang.

     These days he attends classes and studies by day, and earns money at a food delivery job at night. But his job comes with some unexpected challenges. Read Quan's words: 

     "Sometimes I get orders that are dangerous for me. Some men try to get me to come inside to spend the night in a hotel or at their house, offering me 2 or 3 times my monthly salary for a  night. Even at school, I meet people wearing suits who look so cool. They invite me to work for them, promising a high profit. I know that their activities are illegal, so I have never taken part in those jobs. My present time is hard, but help with tuition eases my burden so I can continue my  education."

Quan honors the sacrifice of his mother and your generous gifts by studying hard at university while he holds a job to pay his rent and food.  In his own words, Quan credits your help in rescuing him from sexual predators! 


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