The Difference You‘ve Made: Ping’s Life Is Not The Same...It’s Better!


Adorable Ping would not eat. She didn’t speak well for her age. She hated to brush her teeth. A severe “oral aversion” caused her to reject allowing anything near or in her mouth. Her distraught parents found that no amount of pleading, promising, or threatening made a difference.

You provide loving therapists who have worked with Ping for months. Slowly, patiently, gently — blowing bubbles, imitating facial expressions, sucking on straws — an arsenal of activities that have coaxed this little one to exercise her facial muscles and gradually accept different textures around her mouth. She is brushing her teeth now, speaking better, and accepting some favorite foods! YOU have done that! Thank you!

Pictured: Ping practices touching her face with a textured object — she has come a long way!



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