You've been like Jesus to Son and My

Son Marries Her High School Sweetheart

The Joy of Having Twins - But Tragedy Strikes

Son married her high school sweetheart soon after graduation. Within a few months, she became pregnant. It was only several weeks before her due date that she learned she carried twins! Son and her husband were overjoyed, but also a bit scared.

The couple was poor. Son's husband had a small rice patty, and he also hired himself out as a day laborer. They had enough - just.

Baby's Vaccination

Fever and Seizures Strike My

When the twins (My and Vy) were born, both were healthy.

But then tragedy struck. At age five months, doctors at the village clinic vaccinated the girls. Vy was fine after her shots, but My spiked a high fever, had projectile vomiting, and suffered severe seizures.

In time, her fever abated, but Son worried. My didn't seem "right."

After some months, Son took My to her Province's largest hospital where doctors diagnosed her with brain damage and cerebral palsy. Son was devastated. She didn't know what cerebral palsy was. She only knew that her daughter was terribly different.

A Father Abandons His Family

Son Bares An Even Heavier Load

When My and Vy were 5, Son gave birth to her third child - a boy who she named Quan. Quan brought her joy, but not so for his dad. Overcome by financial pressure and characterized by a life of unfaithfulness, Son's husband abandoned his family never to be seen again.

A Day in the Life of a Vietnamese Special Needs Family

What It's Really Like

To make matters worse, Son's husband abandoned his wife and children. After he left, Son was left to care for severely disabled My, Quan - her three-year-old, and Vy.

My lay on her bed all day. It became her home. Her legs and arms grew weaker. No therapist came to help. There weren't any. Bedsores were a way of life.

Rainy season - the coldest time of the year in Central Vietnam - caused her head to hurt. She slept fitfully and for only a few hours each night. My was totally dependent on her mom.

To make ends meet, Son moved her children into a cheap, boarding room - 12 X 12 foot room housing the family's bed, kitchen, and toilet. Rent is $65 per month. She supports her children through the online buying and selling of clothes. In this way, she earns $200 each month.

The Love of Jesus Flows Through You

What a Difference a Therapy Center Makes

Friends told Son about the Phu Ninh Therapy Center and pressed her to take My there. Son wanted to go, but transporting My is no easy task!

Here's how Son worked it out. First, Son gets on the family motorbike (125 CC engine) as the driver. Then, little Quan climbs up behind his mom and wraps his arms tightly around her waist. Next, a helper lifts My onto the seat behind Quan. Finally, the helper mounts the bike, puts her arms around My, and holds her during the 12-mile ride!

How many of us would ride 4 people on a small bike for 12 miles to get to a therapy center?

That effort has paid off! My is stronger, has more mobility and is happier since she interacts with other children at the Center. Son, her mom, has heard the good news of Jesus. Son also has fellowship with other moms of cerebral palsy children which encourages her. Knowing that she's not alone lightens her load.

Transforming a Life in the Home

You Delivered Therapy Equipment to My's House

Because the family lives 12 miles from the Center and because Son works all day, My only attends therapy sessions 2-3 times per month. It's not enough.

In order to extend the Love of Christ into My's home, Orphan Voice staff designed, had built, and delivered a "standing desk." With this equipment, My's legs are strapped securely onto leg supports. As she "stands" for 15-30 minutes each day, her legs gain strength. Hear Son's grateful words:

"Thank you, Orphan Voice, for taking care of my family. Thank you very much!"

We pass along her gratitude to you, Orphan Voice partners, because you did that!

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