Jesus’ Love - And Yours - Makes Van an Overcomer

You’ve helped transform Van’s life. How so, you ask? Here’s how. Motivated by the Love of Christ within you, you sent him practical help. At the same time, Jesus attended to Van's needs so lovingly in Vietnam! Whether He did it directly or through you, He receives all the praise and glory!

Van was born in 2013. Because of severe arthritis, his dad couldn’t hold a job. His mom labored in a low-paying, seamstress job to feed her family.

Van failed to thrive as an infant. When the village clinic couldn’t explain why, his mom took him to the largest hospital in their province. There, doctors told the heartbroken mom that six-month-old Van was a Down’s Syndrome child with a heart valve defect.

For the next three years, Van lay in bed - all the time. His family couldn’t afford the needed heart surgery. Discouragement covered the family as darkness covers the night.

But God...! In 2017, Van’s mom heard about Orphan Voice’s Phu Ninh Therapy Center. That knowledge jump-started a healing process that changed her son's life!

When Van arrived at the Center, the head therapist noticed that he was extremely shy, afraid to interact with people. She pondered that need. To address his physical needs, she devised a therapy plan.

With therapy, and as Orphan Voice staff loved Him, Van recovered both emotionally and physically. He became happier (on the emotional side) and learned to stand and then walk (on the physical side)!

In 2018, Orphan Voice, partnering with another NGO, helped Van obtain his needed heart surgery! The valve was repaired. It's been “off to the races” for him ever since!

Today, Van smiles - a lot! So does his mom. Jesus lifted their darkness.

Van is eager to come to the Center each day. He knows that LOVE awaits him. With tears in her eyes, his mom exclaims: “Thank you for helping us.”

You’ve blessed Van and his mom. Thank you.

The family has heard and experienced that Jesus loves them. But they don't yet know Him. Let's believe God for their salvation.

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