The Heart of a Champion

How does a skinny, 7-year-old who hardly eats because of lymph node disease become an 18-year-old sports standout?

God used love, nurturing care and medical treatment provided by Orphan Voice partners to bring transformation to her life - that's how!


From Life-Threatening Illness to Medal Winner

An with her older sister

Seven-year-old An came to Promise House with her older sister. Racked by pain, lymph node disease threatened her young life. She needed care that her family was unable to provide.

Through your prayers and love-motivated gifts, Orphan Voice provided three complicated surgeries to correct the lymph node issues in An’s neck.

These operations occurred over her years at Promise House. During that time, our staff bathed her in prayer. After each operation, she improved in mental outlook, strength and coordination, and gained mobility. Her most significant improvement was that for the first time in her life -

She could eat normally!

Promise House’s Christ-centered, home-like environment facilitated An’s emotional recovery, physical recovery, post-surgery muscle development, and intellectual growth. At the Promise House that you provide, she thrived.

In the Promise House gym, recently upgraded by an Orphan Voice Friendship Team, An learned to play badminton, basketball, and pickleball. Indeed, sports became her passion as her strength, balance, coordination, and skill increased. She began to compete in local sports. And she won medals!

The Promise House gym — An’s favorite place!

A Perfect Score for Her University Exam

Now 18, An graduated from high school in June of this year. At graduation, her dream was to become a licensed, physical trainer. To reach that goal, she needs a university degree. She studied hard for her university entrance exam.

An's dream leaped toward reality when she received a perfect score on her admission exam and was accepted to the Sports Program at a prestigious national university! Very few women achieve the top score for this program!

When underweight An came to the Promise House, she couldn't walk well - much less run - and had difficulty eating. Now she's an outstanding athlete and a student at a nationally recognized university! All because of you!

An stands at the starting line of a race toward a bright future. She knows that Jesus runs that race with her. And she's running because you equipped her to start that race.

An Thanks You

With deep gratitude, An wrote to our staff and thus to you: 

“I want to say ‘thank you’ to Orphan Voice because for a long time, you’ve helped me and my sister at Promise House and we’ve had a good life.…”

You've enabled An to experience His love, His presence, and His restorative power through your prayers and gifts. Because you had the heart of The Champion, she's a champion too!

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