Danang Covid Emergency

The Danang Evening News provided this video clip for Orphan Voice's August Ministry Update! It surprised us to see one of our beneficiaries on the news! "Chao" is the lady in blue to the right. She's a resident of Hope House, an Orphan Voice-supported outreach to several families. These families earn enough for their food, but not enough for their rent. Most are elderly who sell lottery tickets for a living. Selling lottery tickets is an extremely low-paying job. The elderly at Hope House are discipled by Vietnamese Christians. They hear the Gospel and many accept Jesus. Chao has accepted Jesus. This video (Chao doesn't know that her actions were recorded) shows her passing out a small food package to a lady who is even poorer than her. She purchased the food with her own money. We're grateful that Chao is learning generosity! Thank you for setting her up for success!

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