Orphan Voice Reaches Hungry People in a Locked-Down City

In Danang, roadblocks manned by police are everywhere. In the less restricted area of the city, moms go to the market three times per week. To get there, they pass through several checkpoints where they must produce their ID card and a special government coupon which gives them permission to shop. If they don't have both documents, police send them home.

In the restricted area of the city, residents can't leave their homes at all. Government workers deliver rice house to house, but sometimes the delivery system doesn't work. Some people are hungry today!

In this atmosphere of fear, Orphan Voice continues to share the love of Jesus. By special government permission, staff have delivered emergency food to:

* Minority students far from home unable to leave the city;

* Foreign families, including several Filipinos;

*Jobless orphans who have aged out of orphanages.

The Patriarch Job believed that God had blessed him because he, led by the Spirit of God, had "delivered the poor who cried for help." That's what you've enabled Orphan Voice staff to do - to deliver the poor who cried for help. Thank you! Your generous prayers and financial gifts keep us "always ready."

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