A Cerebral Palsy Child Becomes "Others-Focused"

When Thuy, a cerebral palsy child, came to the Phu Ninh Therapy Center three years ago, she was quiet, withdrawn, seemingly oblivious to the world around her. She wasn't interested in other children and didn't want to communicate or play with them. She didn't seem to know that others existed.
As Thuy responded to the love and therapy provided her, her muscles loosened and she gained strength. She began to speak. And Thuy experienced other changes.
One of the most dramatic changes is that Thuy now interacts with other children! She's learning to genuinely care for them!
Recently, Thuy watched the therapist work with her friend. She noticed that Ms. Dung was working hard to massage and manipulate the limbs of another child. "Let me help," Thuy said. Then she got up and massaged the therapist!
God is working in this little girl's heart to cause her to be more others-focused. That's a victory! And it's a victory that you provided. Thank you!
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