Distraught Father Finds Help for His Cleft Lip Son "By Chance"

God Reaches the Humble

Phan, a 46-year-old farmer, poor and made poorer by Covid, is responsible for elderly parents, a wife, a small daughter, and Tien Hung, his infant, cleft-lip son. At his wife's tearful urging, Phan traveled to Hue Hospital in April in a last-ditch effort to find help for Tien.

Through perseverance alone, he gained access to hospital doctors. But when those doctors told him the fee required for cleft lip surgery, Phan turned away in tears, overcome by discouragement: " How can I ever afford it?"

As Phan dejectedly walked the hall toward the exit after talking to the doctors - probably without understanding what was happening - God answered the cry of his heart. Although Orphan Voice had only processed two cleft lip cases by April due to Covid restrictions, the father of one of those two children "just happened" to pass Phan in that restricted hospital hallway. Noticing how distraught Phan was, the father asked why. That God-ordained hallway meeting in the largely empty hospital led Phan to the generosity of Orphan Voice partners - and the help he sought for his son.

By phone - because of the Covid restrictions - Orphan Voice staff quickly arranged for Tien Hung's corrective surgery. To Phan, it was a miracle.

Phan, of course, doesn't understand that it was Orphan Voice partners who so powerfully and practically loved his son. He thinks our staff did it. With tears in his eyes, he said to staff but really to you: “Thank you so much for helping us. Tien Hung's surgery is like a miracle. You are welcome to visit us when you come to Hue!”

God uses your prayer and financial gift to reveal Himself to the humble. Please continue to pray for this family - that Jesus gets them "the rest of the way" home.

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