A Child Forsaken

A  teenager gives birth to a baby girl in rural Vietnam. She names her daughter, “Chau.”  Chau’s father is a farmworker who doesn’t earn much. Sometimes there’s not enough food on their table.

Overcome by life’s pressures, Chau’s mom ran away - abandoning her baby.  She wasn't seen for many years.

Feeling helpless after his wife fled, Chau’s dad moved into his mom’s home. He struggled through life with Chau, but in time cancer struck him. He died when Chau was eight.  At that time, her grandmother moved with Chau into her remaining son’s home, but she too died within a short time.

It was then that village elders petitioned Danang City government for Chau, now 10 years old, to come to Promise House Group Home.

For those 10 long years prior to coming to Promise House, Chau had only known instability and insecurity. Was she loved?  She couldn't imagine being loved.

All that changed!  Today, Chau receives the love and stability that she never experienced when she lived “at home.” God has, and is, restoring to her all the goodness that He intended for her but which the enemy stole. She attends school regularly. She enjoys helping Promise House caregivers go to the local market and then cook. When one of her Promise House “sisters” is sick, Chau nurses them back to health.  Jesus has been faithful to heal many hurts in Chau’s heart! There's still more healing to come, but Jesus is faithful!

Chau, like each of the other Promise House children, needs four sponsors. She has three. Each of the other children came from deprivation similar to Chau's. In all, these children wait for 25 sponsors. They need you. Please be one of those 25 sponsors today!  To get started, email Staphanie.

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