This Won't Happen to Tinh!

Imagine being sick as a child, but you can't tell your mom how you feel nor describe to her your pain.

Image sitting around the kitchen table with your family, seeing strange, happy expressions (laughter) on your brother and sister's face, but you don't know what your dad said to cause their happiness. You only saw his mouth move.

Image as a teenager attending school but not taking part in class because you can't hear the teacher - and can't talk to her.

Imagine pouring forth sweat while harvesting rice as a muscled, young man, being paid for a long day's work, but feeling angry because the other workers received more than you - and you can't communicate with the landlord to challenge being cheated.

Imagine as an older man looking back on your life's long path, remembering, first, that boys and girls, and then, men and women, sometimes mocked and make fun of you because you couldn't hear or speak.

Because of You, This Won't Happen to Tinh!

Tinh is a new student at New Beginnings School for the Deaf. Hear her tell you a secret she's learned.

"I am Tinh, I am a second-year student at New Beginning school, at first, I was a shy and timid girl because I did not know how to communicate in sign language. As time went on, during the course of my study I discovered how to remember sign language the fastest and surest way. Do you know what the most important thing is to learn sign language? That is the using pictures to remember so every time the teacher teaches sign language, I've drawn the simplest images to look at them and I know how to make sign language. I was the only one of the students who thought of that way. The teacher praised me for a good idea. I am proud of that.

Thanks Orphanvoice for help me to sign language. It make me become more confident. (Translated from Vietnamese by Teacher Mai).

Tinh's signing lesson: Column one (down). The first word means "like or similar"; the second means "other"; the third means "rich".

Teacher Mai - Tinh's lead teacher at New Beginnings School for the Deaf.

The New Beginnings classroom and building are plain, as you can see. But the barn that hosted Jesus' entry into the world was also plain. Miracles happen in such places. In the case of New Beginnings, the love of God is transmitted in tangible ways into young lives. His love transforms lives on a daily basis.

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