To Be Whole Again

Thi takes a break from study at Victory House.


Helping young women find life after sexual abuse

Every day you come to the rescue of young women who “age out” of government orphanages. Victory House opened its doors to help these young adults transition to university or vocational training. But some of the Victory House residents have come to this vital program another way. They are victims of sexual abuse like Hao.

Hao spent her early years with her parents and younger sister, living with her paternal grandparents. Four years ago, her father brought his girlfriend and their son to live in the family home as well. In 2020, Hao’s mother and the girlfriend both became pregnant. In despair, Hao’s mother took a pill to induce an abortion and moved out of the house with Hao’s sister. Hao was left at home with her father. When the girlfriend gave birth, Hao’s father began to abuse her sexually. Afraid of rejection if she told, Hao remained silent until, during a visit, her mother noticed bruising on her legs. Thinking that Hao had been beaten by the grandparents, her mother threatened to call the police. Hao told her mother the truth.

Hao’s father is now in jail. Her mother is overwhelmed by the tragic events and the grand-parents blame Hao for all of it. Because of your gifts, we are there to help begin a process of healing with Hao. Join us in praying for her.

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